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modern man cave
Man Cave

How to Build a Super Modern Man Cave

The man cave is fast becoming a common part of the modern home. Men are discovering the many benefits of having their own space to kick back in. Though many guys love a rustic look there are a growing number of men who want to know how to create a […]

garage man cave
Man Cave

How to Create the Ultimate Garage Man Cave

One of the most popular locations for creating a man cave is the garage. A garage offers enough of a separation from the main house to feel individual and private while having access to electric and being within easy reach of water, unlike a shed for example. How do you […]

cool man cave lighting
Man Cave

How to Create Cool Man Cave Lighting Effects

A man cave is by far the best way to create an escape from the world, somewhere that you can kick-back and enjoy some “me time” or time with your buddies. Although your man cave will be a reflection of your personality and interests an often overlooked, but vitally important, […]

she shed office
She Shed

How to Create a She Shed Office

As more and more women work from home, or take work home with them, the need for creating a home office has never been greater for many. But instead of following the crowd, by creating a corporate cloned home office, you should go for a more creative office that you […]

sports man cave
Man Cave

How to Create the Ultimate Sports Man Cave

If you are a sports lover and want your own place to enjoy your love of sports then consider building your own sports man cave. How to create a sports man cave. Wherever you intend to create your sports man cave the basic principles are the same. Decide on your […]

she shed ideas
She Shed

20 Magical She Shed Ideas

She sheds are elegant female-only spaces that can be small or big, luxurious or spartan, elegant or plain. However, all she sheds have one thing in common; a she shed is a space where a woman can relax and escape from the hectic and mundane routines of life. A shed […]

how to build a man cave bar on a budget
Man Cave

How to Build a Man Cave Bar on a Budget

Hooray! After much persuasion, your wife has finally agreed to let you have your very own man cave bar. You may be biting at the bit to get started but then you realise that you have a very limited budget available to pull this off. So how are you going […]