What is a She Shed And Why Does Every Woman Need One?

woman enjoying her she shed

A man cave has become a socially acceptable norm and a regular feature of many modern homes. With the growth in popular psychology most people understand a man’s need for a dedicated male space. However, women also need their own dedicated space in their homes for all the same reasons and a few more. That is why the concept of the she shed is fast becoming popular as well. But what exactly is a she shed is and what are the many benefits it offers the modern woman?

A she shed is a female man cave. It is a dedicated space in the home set aside just for the woman of the house. It can a place for recreation, rejuvenation and enjoying personal activities. Most of all it is a female sanctum dedicated entirely to the woman.

Why Every Woman Needs a She Shed

Although this website was initially created to help men create their perfect man cave I was intrigued to find out why the phenomenon of the she shed has been gaining so much interest lately and why pictures of she sheds are going viral on Instagram and Pinterest.

After a lot of research I’ve come to understand that creating a dedicated female space in the house is not just as important as creating a man cave but is, in fact, more important!

Our modern society has created a very fast paced existence that can be very demanding and that can quickly drain our energy reserves. This is a growing concern for many modern women.

Many women not only look after their families but also hold done a job and this type of intense responsibility and seemingly never-ending stream of activities can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

But, even if a woman does not have a job and is a full-time homemaker the stress associated with being on call 24/7 is every bit as intense (or even more intense) than any experienced at work.

Just as a man needs his space and time to recharge his batteries a woman needs this space also.

In fact, it could be argued that a woman needs this space much more than a man due to the high emotional, physical and mental demands her role in the family creates.

The stress levels that come with modern living are increasing at a constant pace and that is why it is becoming very difficult for both men and women to find enough quality time alone to recharge their batteries.

The problem for most women is that when they’re at home there is a constant demand for their attention, be it from their kids, their partner or just household duties.

If this reminds you of your own life then the introduction of a space dedicated entirely to you, where you can go to recharge, may be just the thing you need.

Enter the she shed!

A she shed is by far the best way to recharge your batteries by giving you the personal space to engage in any activity that takes you away from your normal routine or by simply allowing you to chill for awhile.

It has been demonstrated that even a short rest in a tranquil and personalized environment can help rejuvenate you and reduce stress.

woman stressed at home

A she shed can help with your work and home life balance

Most women juggle a pretty active lifestyle. Not only do many have to handle work commitments but they also have to manage a household as well. This creates a tremendous amount of mentalk, physical and emotional stress.

The same stress (and sometimes more) is seen time after time in full-time homemakers who are often subjected to even more pressure from family members because they “don’t have a job”.

If a woman also has kids then family activities, such as helping with schoolwork, can suck up what remains of a woman’s personal time as well.

This leaves very little time or space for personal interests.

This combined workload and lack of personal time can not only lead to a pretty hectic lifestyle but it can also lead to large doses of stress and mental anguish.

With such a busy schedule most women find it difficult, if not impossible, to take out time for themselves, merely grabbing a few minutes here and there. Even if a prolonged period of rest is available it can often not be relaxing because the reminders of “things to do” are everywhere present in the environment.

Luckily, this can be easily fixed with the aid of a she shed.

As a she shed offers a dedicated personal space where a woman can spend some alone time, surrounded by things that are truly meaningful to her, even a short rest period here can have much more beneficial effects than a longer rest period elsewhere.

You can use your she shed for your hobby

The advantages of indulging in a hobby are plentiful, especially if you have a lot of family and/or work commitments. The problem is that if you really want to pursue a hobby seriously (or at least in peace and quiet), a dedicated space is almost essential.

Creating a private space in your home dedicated entirely to a hobby is not a new idea. Embroidery rooms were common in times gone by and were places where woman could congregate and socialize while they engaged in yarning and other activities without being disturbed.

Obviously modern women have developed numerous other hobbies since then but the advantages of having a female-only space are just as relevant today.

Whether you actually use an outdoor shed or simply convert an existing room in your home, a she shed can really help you to pursue your hobby, or hobbies, by creating a dedicated space for doing it.

A shed can give you space to improve relationships

While this might come as a surprise to many, the truth is that, spending time alone can actually help improve your relationships, especially the relationship with your significant other.

Giving yourself time alone allows for self-reflection and gives time for contemplating your role in your interpersonal relationships.

For example, oftentimes it is difficult to see another person’s perspective while we are caught up in our own story and our own activities. But, simply having some time alone can help us see situations from many different angels just by contemplating them in quiet solitude, often with no real physical or mental effort involved.

Taking time for yourself removes any feelings of resentment (often subconscious in nature) harbored over what seem like excess household and relationship duties. It can help remove the feelings of being underappreciated that often arise from feeling overworked and undervalued.

By giving yourself time to recharge your batteries you will also find that you have more energy and enthusiasm with family members and your partner when they need it.

You can use your she shed to claim back your own identity

Time spent in a she shed allows you to reconnect to yourself. It allows you to reconnect to who you are, what you love and why you love it.

As a wife/partner and/or a mother a woman can feel that she has lost her own identify. This is more common than many people think.

This loss of identity can also be brought-on by an imbalance between work-life and home-life and by becoming so involved in your roles at home and work that you forget who you are as a person.

The constant juggling between work-related schedules, family needs, personal relationships and general home duties makes many women feel like they have lost their own identity and become merely a mother, a wife, a homemaker etc.

reclaim your identifyWith the help of a she shed you can claim back your own identity.

As mentioned previously you can use this personal space to pursue a hobby and reconnect with the activities that you love. Or you can use it to simply relax and reconnect with yourself.

The key to making it a place that helps you to reconnect to yourself is to fill it with the things that are meaningful to you, and only you, and to then use it for activities that help you remember who you are or who you want to be.

She shed purpose and theme

Just as a man cave can have its own design your she shed should can also be designed around a theme – see 20 Great She Shed Ideas.

The theme you choose should reflect 2 things:

  1. A purpose – what you you intend to do in the she shed (even if it’s just relaxing).
  2. Your personal interests.

A shed can be used for socializing with your girlfriends

A shed shed does not have to be limited to relaxation!

If you have a hectic schedule then it is a given that you may not have enough time for yourself. But it isn’t just you who is deprived of quality time; your friendships may be taking a backseat as well.

We are social creatures that thrive on the benefits that interpersonal relationships bring but, more than that, spending time with friends can greatly help in reducing stress levels as well.

As we mature and take on more responsibilities in life it becomes less possible, and often less desirable, to go out clubbing with your friends every weekend. So a she shed offers the perfect way to help reconnect with and nourish your friendships without leaving your home.

With a she shed you can socialize with your girlfriends while staying at home but you still get to be together in your own space.

She sheds can be dedicated to a physical activity

When you are designing your she shed, you can if you wish design it around a specific physical activity.

Although most she sheds are kept for tranquil activities such as reading and relaxing a she shed can just as easily be transformed into a home gym. Rather than having to hit the local gym you can simply step into your she shed and exercise there.

Of course the difference between a she shed gym and a typical home gym is that you shouldn’t keep any heavy weights machines or other exercise equipment that might tempt the men in and you should make it as feminine as possible.

Of course exercise comes in all forms. Your shed shed can just as easily be a games room or even somewhere where you can play golf!

Most of all you want your she shed to be your sanctum

a tranquil she shed

Most of us have a normal set routine that is the same from one week to the next. We get accustomed to our daily tasks and as a result, boredom and stress can creep into our lives.

Everyone needs some form of shelter from stress and monotony.

Your she shed should be a haven from normal life.

Regardless of how you intend to use your she shed it should be designed in such a way that it helps you step out from your normal routine and step into a space that is purely dedicated to you.

Therefore you should use your she shed to indulge in some activity which is mentally, emotionally and physically meaningful to you even if that just means sitting and doing nothing.

In short your she shed should be psychologically fulfilling for you.

She shed interiors should be personalized

A she shed is usually decorated in a very feminine manner and is filled with items and decor that are based on the individual taste of its female owner. A she shed can be anything from a converted outdoor building, such as a shed or garage, to a room in your home.

Despite its name, a she shed does not have to be created in a shed andy more than a man cave need to be created in a cave.

The design of a she shed interior will always be dependent on the she shed idea or theme that you choose and on your own personal tastes.

However, the main furniture of the interior will depend largely on what you want to use the she shed for.

Ask yourself the following questions about your she shed’s main purpose:

  • What do you intend to use your she shed for?
  • Will you have friends over or always use it alone?
  • Do you want a space for performing a specific type of activity?
  • Should your she shed be a relaxing tranquil space or a vibrant energy-driven environment?

Whatever type of space you want to create make sure you fill it up with items that are very personal and meaningful to you.

The whole point of creating a she shed is to have a space that is dedicated to you and it should therefore reflect you as a person.

Fill your she shed with items that you find beautiful and that help the space feel like it is totally yours and no-one else’s. Make it feel separate from, or at least a unique part of, the rest of your home.

Typical she shed costs

The general costs of creating a she shed mirror the costs of a man cave and can range from approximately $900 – $10,000.

The cost range is so varied because it depends on whether you are building a new shed, converting an existing shed or whether you are merely converting a room in your home.

Be aware that the costs of buying a new shed or converting an existing one will also vary greatly depending on the shed size, whether the shed is already weather-proofed and protected against ground water and whether or not you require it to have access to utilities such as electricity. I demonstrated how to build a man cave in the backyard in a previous post and those instructions can be applied equally well to a she shed.

For a more detailed outline of the costs involved in building your own she shed outdoors and indoors click here.

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