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Untreated wood on shed

Can You Use Untreated Wood For A Shed?

Can you use untreated wood for a shed? Untreated wood looks great and there are a ton of things you can do with it. It is especially good for indoor furniture. But can you use untreated wood for a shed? You can only use untreated wood for a shed if […]

solar powered shed

This Is How Much Solar Power You Need for A Shed

You’re the proud owner of a shed man cave or she shed. By day, you love spending time in there, but by night, you’re back in your home since your shed doesn’t get any power or light. Your shed is too far from the house to run a cable, which […]

Wheels on a shed

Can You Put Wheels On a Shed? Yes & This Is How

You’re building a shed, maybe its going to be a she shed, man cave or just a regular shed, but you are still deciding what you can add to it to make it awesome. One day, you have a eureka moment. Your shed needs wheels! While it’s easier to build […]

Epic hockey man cave

10 Epic Hockey Man Cave Ideas

Some of us just can’t wait for the beginning of hockey season (on October 4th). The time between seasons seems so slow and agonizingly long, so why not to do something productive with that time. Instead of waiting for hockey to come to you bring it on yourself! If you’re […]

NFL man cave idea

10 NFL Man Cave Ideas. Ultimate NFL Man Cave Designs

What do you do when the best time of the year has officially gotten underway! We’re talking about football season, of course. You’ll been glued to your TV from late September, and you know you won’t come up for air until sometime in Dec. That’s just how you like it. […]

man cave wall decor

Man Cave Wall Decor Ideas

Are you excited about some decor ideas to design your first bachelor pad? Are you also willing to put in some work so that it will turn out amazing? Learn how to use your current passions in order to arrange an amazing man cave. Business themed man cave décor To […]

Retro Man Cave

Retro Man Cave Ideas

Creating the perfect man cave is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. A man cave is more than just a place to chill out without female influence. A man cave is your refuge and should be completely different from the more staid and family oriented areas of your […]

Retro gaming man cave

How to Create a Retro Gaming Man Cave

Maybe, like me, you have incredibly fond memories of putting quarters in an arcade machine when you were a kid and playing the hottest video games for hours at a time. From the original Donkey Kong to Pac-Man or Street Fighter, the arcade may have quickly became one of your […]

Yankees man cave

10 Yankees Man Cave Ideas And How to Implement Them

For you, baseball season never ends. You love the Yankees more than any other team, and you want to show your fanaticism in your man cave. You and a Yankees man cave go together like peanut butter and jelly, except right now you’re missing the jelly. Don’t stress, as we […]

How to Create a Military Man Cave

It may be that the military is a big part of your life. Maybe you’ve served in the military or you have a family member who did, or perhaps you just have a special place in your heart for the service this organisation gives to God and country. If so, […]